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Consumer Reports has 8 strategies to get the most out of your home insurance.

Irma over Turks and Caicos Islands September 7, 2017

After Irma hit the Turks & Caicos Islands on Sept 7, 2017, the islanders quickly assessed damages and picked up what remained of their lives and homes and got hard at work to bring back the 'Beautiful By Nature' that we live by. Lots of roofing tiles flew off, roofs collapsed, water poured inside our homes. But the sun shun again, the winds of hurricane Maria (which did not hit Providenciales) dried off our furniture and kept us cool to start rebuilding our lives. Thousands of claims were made to recuperate our losses and damaged items and it will go on for a few months. Consumer Reports offers 8 strategies to get the most out of your claims. Check out which apply to you.

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